Our Mission

- Provide excellent, reliable and outstanding accounting and operational business services

- Help both startup and existing businesses with financial solutions 

- Help customers improve business productivity

Who we are

Estes Accounting is a professional accounting and bookkeeping solutions firm committed to excellence. This company was built to help small and mid-size businesses meet their accounting needs with reliable, timely information.

With our experience and successfully integrating accounting software technology, we will improve the accuracy and efficiency of your financial reporting to increase productivity and ensure business growth.

Kimberly Estes, owner

Meet Kimberly Estes, a senior level accountant, and the owner of Estes Accounting. With over 25 years of experience, she has a proven track record in planning and executing financial projects among cross-functional, high-matrix organizations. 

Kimberly utilizes her expertise by helping small and mid-size businesses with bookkeeping, accounting, and business solutions. Her experience, commitment and technical know-how will help your business increase its efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.